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In a positively charged environment, food is always a good idea.

STRÖMMINGSFLUNDRA potatismos och brynt smör
FRIED BALTIC HERRING browned butter and potatopureé – 165
ISTERBAND persilja och gräslöksstuvad potatis
SWEDISH LARDSAUSAGE chive and parsley potato – 165
HEMRIMMAD FJORDLAX dillstuvad potatis
SALT CURED SALMON dill potato – 235
CHEVRE CHAUD mixad sallad med honungsvinaigrette
CHEVRE CHAUD mixed salad and honey vinaigrette – 165
RÅRAKA sikrom, rödlök, gräslök och gräddfil
HASH BROWN roe, red onion, chives and sour cream – 235
BIFF RYDBERG äggula och gräddstuvad pepparot
BEEF RYDBERG eggyolk and horseradish – 315
FALUKORVSMACKA majonnäs och ägg
SWEDISH SAUSAGE SANDWICH mayonnaise and egg – 85
KÖTTBULLAR potatismos, gräddsås, lingon och pressgurka
MEATBALLS mashed potato, gravy, lingonberries and cucumber – 215


Perfect for those who need a little extra motivation.


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Carlsbergs Export  72
Carlsberg Hof  68
Kellerbier 94
Poretti  82
Brooklyn IPA 84
Jack IPA 92
Alkoholfri Carlsberg 45



Niclas Åkerblom works as an illustrator, graphic designer and artist.
With fascination for shapes and patterns, he is inspired by nature and its complex design. Animals of all kinds are often present in his work, preferably in lively surroundings but with a serious tone.

In his work “Non Human Nature” that he did for Tranans Bar, inspiration comes from how we relate to nature and how we believe we can continue to live as we do, without consequences. How short-term and selfish man is in his consumption of our natural resources and how naive we are who think there is a difference in nature and humanity.

As long as we do not understand our role in the relationship, it will be impossible to think of mutual interaction. As long as we are shutting our eyes for how our way of living affects us, our future will be just that –  Non Human Nature.



Already in the thirties, regulars called Tranan for the “club”. We continue in the same spirit today. Everything from annual music quiz to various gigs and above all, a bar you can always go to drink and eat something good. Among the artists who gave concerts down in Tranan’s bar are Tom Waits, Lloyd Cole, Lyle Lovett, Digital Underground (with a young Tupac Shakur), A Tribe Called Quest, Craig David and A Camp.

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See our calendar


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